About Trek to Sagargad Fort

We @ Nisargamitra Panvel invites you for one day trek to Sagargad Fort on 28th April 2019

About Trek
चैत्र पालवी, कोकिळेची कुहूकुहू साद, माकडांच्या करामती अनुभवायला आणि करवंद, जांभळे, कैरी असा रानमेवा खायला जायचय ?

एप्रिल असल्याने शाळेला सुट्टी आहे ना?

तर मग चला सागरगड ट्रेक साठी -- सोबत खुप मित्र मैत्रिणी बरोबर घेऊन. निसर्गमित्र पनवेल आयोजित करत आहे १ दिवसीय सागरगड, ता.अलिबाग ट्रेक दिनांक २८ एप्रिल २०१९ फी ₹. ३००/- फक्त ५० जागा. पनवेल अलिबाग रस्त्याने प्रवास करत कार्ले खिंड ओलांडली की एक रस्ता खंडाळे गावातून सागरगडाकडे जातो. अलिबागच्या निसर्गरम्य अश्या सुंदर परिसरात डोंगरांच्या कुशीत लपलेला हा सागरगड. खंडाळे गावातून साधारणतः २ तास पायपीट करून किल्ल्यावर पोहचता येतो. गडाच्या अर्ध्या वाटेवर लागतं सिद्धेश्वर देवालय. हे पेशवेकालीन देवालय. इथे पाण्याची बेगमी करून पुढे किल्ला गाठायचा.

Meeting point: 06:30 a.m., Near Lifeline Hospital, on 28th April 2019.

Charges - INR 300/-

(Includes Travel Fare from Panvel to Panvel + Tea and Breakfast)

Things To Carry
- Water 2L (Must) (Bisleri bottles are strictly prohibited)
- Lunch for the day
- Mug/Cup for Tea
- Torch With Extra Batteries
- Full sleeves clothes (Half, shorts, sleeveless clothes are strictly prohibited)
- Good Trekking Shoes,
- Cap
- Camera, Cell Phone (Optional)
- A haversack to put in all the things to be carried.
- Personal Medicines if any

--> Carry valuables like Cellphones, Camera at your own risk.

--> Please make sure the cups and plates you carry for tea, lunch etc., are made from sustainable resources and which would ensure minimum amount of trash creation. We take pride in the fact that when in wilderness, we try to ensure to leave behind just our footprints! We are an organization that is not just into trekking, but cultivating minds to build a ecologically sustainable lifestyle. We try to create awareness towards nature and our forest ecosystem amongst all individuals that give us the privilege of take them out to the mountains. As a part of our green planet efforts, we discourage the use of ‘use and throw’ cups, plates. It is a long journey, but at least let us all embark on a JOURNEY TOWARDS ZERO GARBAGE. As they say, every positive starts from self!

Please try to carry steel cups, plates, spoons which you can take back home post your trek. Also if you carrying any snacks, please make sure they have minimum wrapping and that you carry all the trash you created, back with you.
Darshan Patil
Nitin Kanitkar


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