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Panvel's MLA letter

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Girimitra Social Work Award

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About Logo.We all 'Nisargamitras' have fused together through the love for nature.
There are no differences in this gathering. The logo shows two distinct hands as a symbol of this. One of them is a woman's hand while the other is man's.

We are committed to mother nature and so the hands are bound by a delicate creeper.

Our bond is so strong and loyal that even a bird compliments us by resting over it. This beautiful bird, a part of nature, too is enthusiastic and determined.
In short it is an identical example of our work.

The Karnala Fort lies in the background which has been an encouragement to us and is a sign of our genesis, motivating us towards the crest.

A river runs along. It originates from a small stream and gradually turns into a capacious river. We wish to keep working like the unceasingly flowing river. And we wish to unravel like it forever.

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