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Nisargamitra, Panvel is an NGO established in 1986 and registered under the State Government Registration Act in 1994.
Based in Panvel, Dist.Raigad of Maharashtra it stands on the 4 pillars of Trekking, Hiking, Nature Education and Nature Conservation.
Since it's induction it has been a totally Non-Profit Voluntary Organization.
Five dedicated personalities came together to fulfill a dream which came true in the form of Nisargamitra - Mr. Dhananjay Madan , Mr. Shekhar Tare, Mr. Rajan Tare, Mr. Rajesh Gadkari , Mr. Sachin Singhasane.
They sowed the seed of love for nature which has over the years bloomed into an Organization nurturing the nature through conservation and adventure.
Nisargamitra for the years has taken up various causes and projects.
A widespread project on Water Management and Conservation awareness,Portfolio of Panvel, Tree counting in Panvel City, Mangroves Conservation Project in collaboration with BNHS (Bombay Natural History Society) are a few major ones to name among them.
The organization has over the years played an important role in cultivating the love for nature in the minds of young through Nature camps.
Nature camps are held every year which include activities like Bird Watching, Snake Shows, Slide Shows, First Aid training and so on.
Nisargamitra has been instrumental in creating awareness about the World Environment Day - 5th june, World Wet-Lands Day - 2nd Feb, Vasundhara Divas - 22nd, Wild Life Week - 1st to 7th Oct etc. through special activities on these days.
Nisargamitra Panvel, has been among the pioneers in the field of Trekking, Hiking, Cycling, Adventure Activities and Rock Climbing in the State of Maharashtra.
Treks, Adventure Activities, Cycling tours and Rock Climbing Expeditions are conducted throughout the year for the adventure enthusiasts.
We at Nisargamitra have a special way of celebration.
May it be the World Women's Day which is celebrated by an All WomenTrek or may it be the monsoons which are celebrated by Waterfall Rappelling and Dirt Track Cycling events.
Being an organization working actively for nature and adventure, Nisargamitra has been felicitated on a number of occasions through awards.
With Trekking and Adventure comes Risk and with Risk comes Responsibility.
Nisargamitra has over the years played an important role through Search And Rescue Operations for the accidents happening in the Mountains.
The Nisargamitra Rescue team has been called upon on many such occasions for help by other such organizations and the Police Departments.
The members of the Rescue Team have risked their lives to help the victims of accidents in such times.
Nisargamitra has been appreciated by the Police Departments, Local Government Body and by the Media through appreciation letters and Bravery Awards (one such by Zee 24 Taas, News Channel) for their unparalleled work in this field.
We at Nisargamitra welcome you to be a part of the organization.


Activities Of Nisargamitra


Trekking is an important activity which helps us onnect with the nature. Organising treks and trails and making them a success is what we do.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is a world renowned sport. We have a team of professional climbers. Having successfully climbed more than 100 routes which include pinnacles and big walls spread across the Shayadri mountain range, we are blue printing many more such expeditions.


Spreading awareness about the use of bicycle is important in order to save the fossil fuels. We undertake many cycling expeditions. A few of them are, PPCP (Panvel to Peshawar Connecting People in 200*), Downhill Cycling, Offroad Cycle treks and so on.

Nature Conservation

The major role we play in this society, is to make the people aware about the beauty of nature. While spreading awareness about nature through treks and other activities, we take measures to maintain the ecological cycle. Connecting with the nature and preserving it for our own good, is what we zeal for.

Fort Consevation

Our history is been buried under by the malpractices we humans have been performing which have resulted in the degradation of our nation's heritages. We work for the conservation and redevelopment of the forts across Maharashtra. Our team visits the fort sites and takes the necessary remedial efforts required for the conservation of these historical monuments through activities like 'Shramadaan' which literally means donation of efforts.


Today people are looking out for adventure in there lives. We attract them by organising various adventure activities for all the age groups. We also cater such events to corporates to make them a part of the nature conservation process and connect to the nature in the little time they can spare in their busy schedules. We have been organising various adventure activities like, Tyrolean Traverses, Rappelling Camps, Valley Crossing and River Crossing events, Waterfall Rappelling events and also a few new concepts in this field.

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