Nisargamitra the N.G.O. established in 1986 and registered in 1994. Stands on 4 pillars - trekking, hiking, nature education and nature conservation.

Five dedicated personalities came together to fulfill a dream which came true in the form of Nisargamitra - Mr. Dhananjay madan , Mr. shekhar tare, Mr. Rajan Tare, Mr. Rajesh Gadkari , Mr. sachin singhasane. The sovred the feeds of natures conservation which has now bloomed. A widespread project can water conservation awareness, portfolio of panvel, tree counting in panvel city, mangroves conservation project under BNHS are the major programs undertaken by Nisargmitra.

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Nisarga Mitra Logo having so many directions of Thinking, combires with many symbolse. Shake hand of two persons, one male and Female, shows the friendships, teamwork, co-opration for every events, even movement And this friendship is tiedup with creeper, which is growing continously. A bird is setting Comfortable on this creeper which indicates that - this bond of friendship with man & Nature is very firmely griped, In this logo background comprises the pinacle of karnala Fort. which is giving us massage to think high and try to reach the top below is seen a river which is expanding partner........ it shows that our work is continous and like river will include everyone in it and cover up all the obstacles. This will allow carrying out various activities.

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